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Lubrication Tips - Oil Film Bearing Oil


Oil film bearing is the dynamic pressure lubrication principle of fluid, that is, the relative movement of the shaft and the bearing element, the bearing of the oil bearing film is formed by the viscosity of the lubricating oil and the fluid dynamic pressure formed by the wedge gap in the bearing pair. . Typical application: hot rolling mill roll oil film bearings. The bearing oil film is also called pressure oil film, which balances the load, isolates the journal and the bushing, converts the solid friction between the metals into the molecular friction inside the liquid, and minimizes the friction and wear. Therefore, it can meet the requirements of bearing pressure, impact resistance, transformation speed, rolling precision, structural size and service life in the maximum range. According to the incomplete statistics of the current domestic situation, more than 80% of the abnormal wear of the oil film bearing is caused by the failure or improper use of the oil film bearing lubricating oil or lubrication system, especially the solid particle pollution, moisture and oil in the lubricating oil. The deterioration is related.
At present, domestic research units and user units are looking for ways to improve the oil film bearing seal structure and prevent water ingress. However, the oil film bearing in the near water part, especially the oil film bearing of the finishing rolling mill, is easy to cause the sealing performance of the 0 type sealing ring to be degraded due to the dynamic sealing state and the steel pile accident occurring during the rolling process, in the production process. Hard to guard against. Water enters the oil film bearing oil, causing some additives to hydrolyze and fail, and may form turbulent flow, destroying fluid lubrication under normal operation, causing abnormal wear, rusting equipment, emulsification of oil and deterioration of water separation, oxidation resistance And anti-foaming properties. In addition, the oxidation products and sludge produced in the use of water and oil form a colloidal oil mass that may clog the filtration facility.
The mixing of cooling water into the lubrication system will cause serious damage to production. Generally, the moisture content of the lubrication system should not exceed 0.5%. If the water content exceeds the standard, the viscosity of the lubricating oil will decrease. The anti-wear agent and antioxidant in the water and lubricating oil will accelerate the deterioration of the oil. The deterioration process of the base oil will accelerate, and the oil will be separated. Performance degradation, etc. Lubricating oil containing free water and acid substances and continuously degrading in the system will corrode various components in the system, especially the transmission parts such as corrosion bearings. Corroded bearings are prone to fatigue peeling, wear and gluing; oil film The wear of the bearing aperture causes irregular shape, destroys the condition of oil wedge formation, and finally causes corrosion of the shaft, gears, bearings, etc., and the burning of the roller shaft and the bearing. What is more serious is that the burning of one frame may cause system pollution. Causes other rack chain reactions.
The data indicates that more than half of the main causes of mechanical failure or early wear are related to lubrication technology. Improve lubrication management, prevent abrasion or sintering of frictional moving parts such as bearings and gears, prevent and reduce wear, reduce frictional resistance, prevent equipment accidents, improve equipment production efficiency, save energy, improve energy efficiency, and increase economy. Benefits are the main task of rolling mill lubrication work.
(1) Under the premise of reasonable fuel tank capacity, keep the oil tank reasonable oil level, often add lubricating oil to the fuel tank, so that the oil in the oil tank is always in a reasonable operating oil level, degas the oil, precipitate the machine, and separate the water. And it is beneficial to reduce the oil temperature in the tank.
(2) Timing and positioning automatically detect the oil sample in operation, and test and test from oil odor, color, viscosity change, water content, water distribution performance, pollutant type and content, anti-foaming performance, etc. When the water content in the oil entering the lubrication point exceeds 0.1%, the mechanical wear increases sharply; the lubrication and equipment condition exceeding 0.5% will be very dangerous.
(3) Automatically analyze and compare each test record, predict and forecast the poor lubrication state, and formulate improvement or preventive measures. It is safe and reliable to control the oil level, oil quality, oil temperature and oil pressure of the system to prevent the occurrence of lubrication accidents.
(4) Control oil pollution:
●Main items of lubricant re-inspection: viscosity, viscosity index, water content, demulsibility, extreme pressure. Cleanliness requires mechanical impurities within 0.01%, no moisture and deposit marks.
● The inlet cover of the top of the fuel tank should be tightly closed and should not be opened. The air filter has an filtration accuracy of 100 mesh or more, and is regularly inspected and cleaned, and the drain valve at the lower part of the fuel tank is periodically discharged. Add lubricant to the tank to apply the pipeline pumping and install a filter with appropriate filtration accuracy. The tank should be cleaned of the sludge regularly, and the inner surface of the tank should not be rubbed with a fabric.
● When replacing the blocked filter element, the oil in the filter cartridge should be drained, so that the dirt can enter the downstream pipeline of the filter, causing serious irreparable secondary pollution, otherwise the normal lubrication at the lubrication point will be directly endangered.
●According to the changes in the color, viscosity, moisture and pollution degree of the oil used, the oil is added and oiled on time.

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